How To Paint Your Store Front To Attract More Business

So, your business has been steadily declining and you're having a hard time figuring out why. Have you taken a look at your store front? Is it attractively painted and inviting or ugly and old? If it's the latter, you may have found your culprit: an unattractively painted storefront will drive customers in droves away from your business.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

A new paint job will immediately improve the curb appeal of your business. Curb appeal refers to how attractive your building looks on the outside. If your business front has an ancient, chipped, and peeling paint job, your curb appeal will plummet precariously. A poor store front communicates one thing to potential customers: that you don't care much about your business or your services.

However, a new paint job can make your business look more alive and vibrant. It will undoubtedly attract more customers and increase your profits. However, you need to make sure you paint every aspect of your business front, including the window sills, for this approach to be effective.

Attract Your Specific Audience

It's important to identify your specific audience before painting your storefront. Are you looking to attract people shopping for children? Or is your business pitched towards women? Colors matter in ways that many business owners don't realize. Attract the following potential customers by focusing your exterior paint scheme on these specific colors:

  • Children – Bright Primary Colors
  • Women – Light Colors, Such as Pale Blue and Green
  • Men – Bright Reds and Blacks
  • Edgy People – Neon Colors
  • Business People – Black and Blue
  • People Looking for "Sexy" Products – Pink and Deep Purple

It makes sense to attract just your specific audience to your business. After all, there's no way you can apply to every possible group. So, why not maximize your business potential by focusing your storefront color scheme on attracting your core customer base?

Draw Eyes to Your Store Front

There are several subtle eye-attracting design techniques that you can work into your storefront paint job. These techniques are designed to grab the eye and draw it, irrevocably, towards your business.

These techniques include:

  • Lines Pointing Towards Your Door
  • Contrasting Colors
  • Emphasizing Specific Areas with Darker Shades
  • Creating Shapes that Resemble Human Faces

The latter is a particularly unique technique: human beings are, by instinct, attracted to human faces. If your store front has features that resemble a face (such as large, eye-like circles), it will attract customers.

If these techniques sound like an attractive way to increase your business, talk to an exterior paint design expert today. They will work with you to create a paint job that suits you and your business needs. Contact a company like Christopher Painting LLC to get started.