How To Paint The Exterior Of A House

Painting the exterior of a house doesn't have to be complicated and can be done by just about anyone who wants to learn. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to paint the exterior of a house.

To complete the job you will need the following items:

  • One can of paint 
  • One can of primer paint 
  • Paint brushes  
  • One or two paint trays
  • Wood filler
  • Saw Rags
  • Plastic tarp Screwdriver

Sand the Area

1 - Start by sanding all the rough surfaces where the paint has begun to bubble. Take a rough grade sandpaper to the surface and move it back and forth to sand down the area and remove the rough edges. Make sure that all the surface areas that need to be painted are completely clear so that the paint can bond without anything getting in the way.

2 - Remove and replace any area of wood that has rotted with a fresh piece of wood. Paint will not adhere to rotten wood and the decay will continue to eat away at the wood until it is replaced. You can cut out the rotted area with a saw and then apply wood filler to fix smaller rotted areas. If applying wood filler, allow it to completely dry and harden for twenty-four hours before you proceed with painting over the top of it.

Apply A Coat Of Primer

1 - After sanding and removing rotted areas, you are now ready to set up and begin applying primer. First prepare the area by laying down a plastic tarp underneath the area where you will be painting to catch any paint drops. Make sure that the tarp is covering any areas of the house that you do not want to get any paint on. When painting, accidents or spills can happen very easily, so having a tarp in place is a good preventive measure.

2 - Open the can of primer with a screwdriver and then pour enough into the paint tray to fill it. With the paint tray filled, you can start dipping the brushes in an applying primer to the area you want to paint. Make sure that you don't apply too much primer to one area and that you apply an even coat over everything. When painting, apply the primer in one direction and don't move the brush side to side. Once the primer has been applied, give it a full twenty-four hours to dry before applying the actual paint.

Start Painting

1 - With the primer dry, you can now open up the can of paint with the screwdriver and begin painting. Apply one even coat of paint over the entire surface area and let it dry for a full day. If you want, you can apply a second coat of paint to brighten the color and truly make that area brighten up.

If you don't have the patience to paint or are worried that you might get paint all over, then you should hire a professional painter to do the work for a modest fee. For painting jobs that are complex and might require the use of a ladder to get to hard to reach spots, you should always have a professional do the work to ensure that it gets done correctly. To find out more about exterior painting, contact a company like Mylroie Painting Inc.