How To Paint With A Spray Gun

If you have a little extra money that you want to invest into your home, there are a lot of great remodels you are probably considering. Of course, most homeowners are interested in projects that will increase the value of the property without breaking the bank. One such a remodel that is very popular among thrifty homeowners is an exterior paint job. If you do the painting on your own, you can make the project extremely cost effective. You will be surprised how a simple exterior paint job can make your home look different. This article explains why it is worth renting a spray gun to reduce the overall cost and speed up your exterior painting project. You will find that using a spray gun is more practical, even if you have no experience operating one.

Renting a Gun

First of all, pneumatic spray guns are cheap to rent and easy to operate. Most rentals will include basic operation and cleaning instructions for the machine. When using the spray gun, you need to do a lot more prepping. Do all the prep work and make sure your home is completely ready to be sprayed before you even rent the gun.

Prepping Like a Pro

If you are thorough with your masking off, it will probably end up taking longer than actually spraying your walls. That is, if you tape all your edges precisely and cover everything around your walls that could possibly get overspray on, you can quickly spray the paint when it comes time.

Getting Complete Coverage

Spray gun allows you to get complete coverage of even the roughest surfaces. On the other hand, when you use paint rollers, it can be hard to get paint within all the crevices and pores of rough surfaces like stucco, brick and raw wood. In the end, don't be intimidated by renting and trying to figure out a spray gun. It might take a couple of hours to master the best spraying techniques, but you will be comfortable in no time.

Having A Smoother Finish

The finish left behind from a spray gun is much smoother than the finish left by rollers or brushes. No brushstrokes will be visible when the paint dries. The paint dries more consistently when you spray it, even when painting rough surfaces.

Using a spray gun is definitely quicker than trying to paint your walls with handheld rollers and brushes. For more information, contact local professionals like Purser's Professional Painting & Pressure Cleaning.