Four Requests When Hiring Painters For Your Nursing Home Facility

Every building will need paint. It makes the building appear welcoming, inviting, and it can represent your company's brand. The same goes for nursing homes; however, there are more specific painting needs in this case. For example, you will need the space to feel like home for all of your residents, as well as have it appear inviting for those looking into choosing a nursing home for themselves or a loved one. Here are four requests to make when you hire painters for your nursing home facility:

  1. Quiet and Organized Work: Since the facility is home to many people, the painters will need to work diligently without excessive noise or disorganized workspaces. After all, you don't want any of your residents to trip over painting supplies that may have been left out. Many painting companies will have workers listening to music while they work as well. However, you can request that this not be an option when your facility is painted in order to reduce noise and keep the peace at the facility.
  2.  Flexibility: Many painting companies will offer flexibility for times when their services can be done. Since there isn't a time when residents are not on the property, you definitely want the painters to be available during a time when the little bit of noise and work isn't going to be so distracting, such as during lunch when most of the residents are in the cafeteria eating and won't likely be bothered by any noise coming from the painters. 
  3. No Odor: You also want to hire a painting company that uses zero VOC paint. VOC is volatile organic compounds that are found in most painting materials, but you don't want this since these compounds release an odor that can be bothersome to your residents. On top of this, it can hinder your facility from maintaining it's good indoor air quality for residents. Most painting companies are able to use zero VOC paints, so be sure that this is requested. 
  4. Design Services: There are plenty of painting services that provide design services as well. This is something worth considering if you are unsure about the choice of color for the nursing home. Design services can help you choose so that the facility has a balance of warm, inviting colors that are not too overwhelming for your residents. 

When making these four requests, you can definitely be sure that you ultimately choose the right commercial building painting company for the job.