3 Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint In Your Home

From eggshell and white to beige and one of the new neutral colors, such as grey or sage green, choosing a color of paint for your home can be an overwhelming process. While all colors are sufficient for covering your walls and adding a bit of style, chalkboard paint can be both stylish and functional. Although surprising, this paint material is becoming more and more popular in homes. Here are a few ways you can apply chalkboard paint in your home.

Playroom/Game Room

If you have a home with a separate room used for play or games, chalkboard paint is an ideal solution for a wall or other area of this space.

Many homeowners choose to paint an entire wall using chalkboard paint, which will allow you and your children to draw different pictures and artwork throughout the day and wipe away. Or, use as a place to play games, such as hangman or tic-tac-toe.

A chalkboard paint wall in a game room can also be used for artwork, but it will make a great surface for keeping score while you and your family enjoy a few video games, billiards, and even ice hockey.


Applying chalkboard paint to different areas of your kitchen is also a good option. Of course, you do not have to cover entire walls with this paint, but using it as a functional wall covering will add some style to your kitchen.

To get started, consider painting one section of your kitchen wall with the paint. Use this wall to create artwork that represents your family's style. A favorite quote or a bible verse can be added each day for inspiration.

Another way to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen is to paint your pantry doors with it. Decorate the doors with doodles and allow your family members to jot down items that you run out of, helping you remember what to pick up at the grocery store on your next visit.

Laundry/Utility/Mud Room

Finally, a wall or section of wall painted in chalkboard paint will be a great addition to your laundry/utility/mud room.

Use the chalkboard surface to make a list of chores for your family. Or, use it as a calendar and memory board, helping keep track of important errands to run and appointments. This chalkboard wall can be a great reminder, keeping your family on track and organized.

Not only is it a fun accent, but chalkboard paint can be functional for your family. This guide will help you incorporate this paint into your home and family's lives. Contact a professional painting service for more help.