Commercial Building Sustained Fire Damage? 4 Reasons Your Restoration Efforts Should Include A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If your commercial building has experienced a fire, and the cleanup has been completed, your next step should be to invest in a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint will alleviate a lot of the problems you can expect to encounter following a fire. Here are just some of the reasons why painting your commercial building following a fire is a good idea. 

Hide Stains

Fires can leave a variety of stains behind, including smoke residue. Unfortunately, those stains can return, even if you've had your building professionally cleaned. That's because particles of the smoke and soot can get trapped in the drywall, allowing it to seep through to the surface. Not only that, but wood resins and stains can do the same thing, especially if the frame of your building was affected by the fire. One of the benefits of priming and painting your building after a fire is that those stains are trapped below the surface, preventing them from showing through. 

Stop Smoke Odors

After a fire, your building may continue to smell like smoke for quite some time. Unfortunately, smoke odors can interfere with your ability to conduct business, especially if the odor is strong enough. If you and your restoration team have tried everything to get rid of the smoke odor following a fire, it's time to have your building painted. A fresh coat of paint will lock out the odors. 

Prevent Mold Growth

If water was used to extinguish the flames, your commercial building is at risk for mold growth. This is particularly true if your building wasn't allowed to dry properly. Mold spores could be lurking in your building, waiting to bloom inside the walls. Unfortunately, mold can pose serious health risks for anyone who may spend time in your commercial building. However, if you have your commercial building primed and painted following a fire, you'll help prevent mold growth. 

Restore Appearance 

If your commercial building has sustained smoke or fire damage, and it was left with a damaged appearance, it's time to contact a commercial painting contractor. A fresh coat of paint will restore the appearance of your commercial building and cover any blemishes that might have been left behind after the fire. 

Now that you're cleaning up after a commercial fire, schedule an appointment with a painting contractor. A fresh coat of paint will provide you with the benefits listed above.