Hiring A Professional To Paint Your Commercial Space Or Offices

Painting your commercial space, building, or business offices can be a big job. Hiring a commercial painting company like Arnold Painting Service LLC to paint the space for you is often the best way to ensure you get a high-quality job that will last much faster than trying to do the work yourself.

Unoccupied Space

Moving into a new commercial space and setting up your business or retail store can be exciting, but preparing the area is essential, and painting can be one of the things you need to consider. If the space is empty, a commercial painting service can spray the walls and ceiling for you quickly, but it is best to do this before any furnishings or equipment are installed. 

If the contractor can not spray the space, the painters may need to use rollers and brushes to do the work, taking significantly more time to complete the project. It is vital to have the commercial painting contractor walk through the space with you so you can discuss the requirements of the job and they can determine the best way to paint the space, what equipment they will need, and how much it will cost to complete the work. 

Offices And Occupied Spaces

Commercial painting services can paint a space that you are currently using, but you may need to vacate it for a few days. Often, rooms like offices require pushing all the furniture to the center of the room and preparing the space by covering everything and putting drop cloths on the floor to protect carpeting. 

Office spaces are often small enough that a painter can complete the painting process quickly, but if you have a large office that is complicated to paint, it could take longer. It can be inconvenient to ask people to move out of the office for a few days, but it is challenging for the commercial painting contractor to try and work around them, and often the odor of the paint drying would not be overly enjoyable for employees. 

Larger spaces with equipment or machinery may not allow for things to be moved around, so the painting contractor might need to work around the equipment. If this is the case, it is best for the commercial painting service to work during hours that the equipment is not running so it can be covered and protected as they work around it.

Exterior Painting

Commercial painting outside is often the easiest to complete because there are typically fewer things in the way, and the painters don't have to work around people in the space. Like interior painting, anything near the painting area will need covering to protect it. If the building is being painted with a sprayer, you and any employees should avoid parking on the work side of the building to ensure cars are not covered in overspray.